OMSA vs SLES11 unsupported packages

John Lloyd jal at
Fri Sep 23 11:52:06 CDT 2011

I was checking my SUSE 11 Enterprise Server (SLES11) service pack 1 system for complete and consistent installation.   The older SLES10 had the SPident package which counted up the RPMs and described your SLES patch level.

In SLES11 this is replaced by the sam utility -- Supportability Analysis Module.  "sam" scans your RPMs, verifies installation, and generates a report about repos, current installed RPMs, and, significantly, "Unsupported Novell packages".

According to the sam report, packages are unsupported for having foreign dependencies, not being up-to-date, or having modified configuration files.  A foreign dependency appears to be defined as an RPM has replaced a Novell-supplied RPM, breaking the chain of dependencies and thus giving Novell reason, somewhat understandable, not to support a particular system installation.

After installing Dell OMSA 6.5 (build 2247, original file OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-LX-6.5.0-2247_A01.15.tar.gz), the sam report shows 141 foreign dependencies.  These are entirely due to libsmbios2  (foreign: libsmbios2-2.2.26-3.1.sles11.x86_64) installed as part of OMSA 6.5 (x86_64 version, not the 32-bit one.)

Novell states "If the third party packages are libraries, all applications that use the third party libraries are likewise unsupported".  Reference:  Novell document 7005936.

So, what is the story here?  Does Dell support SLES11 or how do I get support from Novell with so many "unsupported" packages?

(I'm also asking Novell via their support line).


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