iDrac 6 firmware update not detected

Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at
Wed Sep 21 14:22:51 CDT 2011

> So as to how we ended up here, maybe I just caught the repo on an off
> day :). Who knows, but thanks for working through this with me.
> One question I have though, is how are we as mere mortals on a Dell
> platform supposed to figure something like this out? Is there any method
> to this madness? I mean I doubt I would have noticed a 235 vs. a 236,
> often with these dell tools I start to feel a bit windowsish as I
> un-install and re-install to correct an issue.
> -Erinn

No problem, firmware-tools should report why it was not applicable, that the package installed was not for this system. I'll see if I can get this submitted as an issue.


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