iDrac 6 firmware update not detected

Erinn Looney-Triggs erinn.looneytriggs at
Wed Sep 21 12:16:24 CDT 2011

On 09/21/2011 09:06 AM, Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at wrote:
>> Here you go:
>> rpm -qf
>> /usr/share/firmware/dell/dup/system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x0235/dell_dup_compo
>> nentid_20137_version_a02
>> iDRAC6_componentid_20137_for_system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x0235-a02-1
>> rpm -q --provides $(rpm -qf
>> /usr/share/firmware/dell/dup/system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x0235/dell_dup_compo
>> nentid_20137_version_a02)
>> dell_dup_componentid_20137/system(ven_0x1028_dev_0x0235) = 2:a02-1
>> iDRAC6_componentid_20137_for_system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x0235 = 2:a02-1
>> bootstrap_firmware | grep 20137
>> dell_dup_componentid_20137/system(ven_0x1028_dev_0x0236)
>> dell_dup_componentid_20137
>> -Erinn
> The rpm you have installed provides "dell_dup_componentid_20137/system(ven_0x1028_dev_0x0235)" however the output of bootstrap_firmware is "dell_dup_componentid_20137/system(ven_0x1028_dev_0x0236)" A "yum install $(bootstrap_firmware)" should have pulled in the correct one.
> To correct you can do:
> rpm -e iDRAC6_componentid_20137_for_system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x0235-a02-1
> yum install dell_dup_componentid_20137/system(ven_0x1028_dev_0x0236)
> If the yum install still pulls in the 0x235 one, then there might be something wrong with the repo.
> -Jeff

Pulled in the right one it appears this time:
             noarch           2:a02-1          
dell-omsa-indep            49 M

I can assure you all I ever really do is the:

"yum install $(bootstrap_firmware)"

So as to how we ended up here, maybe I just caught the repo on an off
day :). Who knows, but thanks for working through this with me.

One question I have though, is how are we as mere mortals on a Dell
platform supposed to figure something like this out? Is there any method
to this madness? I mean I doubt I would have noticed a 235 vs. a 236,
often with these dell tools I start to feel a bit windowsish as I
un-install and re-install to correct an issue.


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