Any gotchas with R710 config?

Brian Collins brianc at
Mon Sep 19 13:56:17 CDT 2011

> I'm looking at purchasing an R710 for use with Scientific Linux  (Red
Hat EL 5).
> Single 4-core Xeon, SAS 6/iR, 16 Gb of memory, two SAS disks
(mirrored), 2
> Broadcom dual port 1Gig ethernet cards.
> Are there any incompatibilities I should watch out for?

We run RHEL 5.7 on about 25 R710 servers right now; not having any
OS/hardware problems.

One small note:  If you install the Dell OpenIPMI packages, be aware
that they (inadvertently) disable syslog during uninstallation.  This
isn't an issue for initial installation of the package, but if it's
already installed and you update it, it will (currently) disable syslog.
This happens because the uninstall scriptlet (which gets run when you
update a package) is supposed to disable syslog-ng, but is missing

Otherwise, working great.

Brian Collins, RHCE
Sr. Systems Engineer
Southeastern Data Cooperative
brianc at

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