PowerEdge R200 Error! XML Transformation failed and other errors

Mgia mgiashmera at lavabit.com
Fri Sep 16 04:02:28 CDT 2011

This system runs OMSA 6.5.0 in a PowerEdge R200.

I get to many of theses messages:

Storage Error! No controllers found

Problem running 'omreport chassis batteries': Error! XML Transformation

Battery probe 9999 [Unknown location] is Unknown reading

Problem running 'omreport chassis removableflashmedia': Error! XML
Transformation failed

>From /var/log/messages:

kernel: omreport[18804]: segfault at 0000000018000000 rip
000000324de728ae rsp 00007fffcc56c6b0 error 4

I'm running omreport via check_openmanage nagios plugin and I can see
many open semaphores, which I delete regularly via a cronjob --since I
haven't found a solution yet.

I reinstalled OMSA and updated the RAID firmware to the latest versions.

I have similar problems in other PowerEdge R200 servers is there a
problem/known issue with this server model?


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