CentOS Live DVD for firmware updates

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Thu Sep 15 13:23:19 CDT 2011

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> I think I found part of the issue for the iDRAC6 update issue on the
> R710. There is an extra line of "Tikanga" in the /etc/redhat-release
> file. At least the updates for the R710 seem to ONLY want an official
> RHEL line in the like noted from the past
> <http://pjwelsh..com/2011/02/failed-bios-update-on-r710-with-centos.html>. 
> In fact, I could use the RHEL 5 redhat-release contents on an update
> attempt using CentOS 6.0.
> The BIOS update has still been an issue so far not matter what I try.
> Did anyone ever found any solution to updating BIOS with this liveDVD?

One recent R710 got so messed up after attempting to update from the iDRAC6
itself, that the BIOS version was "Version " (blank!) and the iDRAC could no
longer be gotten into. Result on that box was a Dell service tech out with
replacement motherboard.
Second recent R710 would do a BIOS update without error, but the *restart*
would show attempting BIOS update and then report failure. Succeeded with
using Win2k8 server install and BIOS flash for that unit. Note the iDRAC
update even failed with Win2k8 and I've left it for now, sadly.
But the other 5 R710 I have updated without issue. Going from the 1.2.6 BIOS
may have been the above two's issue; I don't know. OMSA firmware update has
generally proven reliable mostly without issue. However, there BUMPS
along the way.

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