Battery discharging?

cupertino cupertino at
Wed Sep 7 12:34:20 CDT 2011

Every 90days Perc6 controllers perform a battery learn cycle. Which is
in fact a complete discharge and recharge of the battery. 
If your incidents happened appx. 90days apart all should be fine.  But
if it happens after a reboot you should have a closer look at the Perc

On Wed, 2011-09-07 at 09:21 +0200, Davide Ferrari wrote:
> Hi
> I've a couple of R610 with Perc6/i and sometimea I get from the
> "megasasctl" utility that
> a0       PERC 6/i Integrated      encl:1 ldrv:1  batt:FAULT, charging
> why does this happen? Is it normal? It last a couple of hours and then
> battery is fully charged again. The only thing I did was rebooting the
> machine.
> Thanks

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