[C6105] Serial Number

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Wed Sep 7 09:37:49 CDT 2011

Sean Dilda wrote, On 09/07/2011 08:26 AM:
> In the past when I've had the mb replaced on a PowerEdge, the Dell tech 
> had a boot floppy that had a little utility that would set the service 
> tag (serial number).  It'd require him typing it in manually to the DOS 
> app.  It sounds like your tech skipped that step.
> It may be worth checking the Dell website for such an app or asking your 
> Dell reps.

Dell (and affiliated) Field Engineers frequently (nearly always?)
fail to do this, unfortunately, in my experience.  Make sure you get
in the habit of asking them to do it.

Again, i'll put in a plug for 'libsmbios'.  However, you'll probably
have to go back to an early version, as the later versions (as i
recall) don't allow this capability.

This can be used on a running Linux system, no need to boot dos

zia:DellUpdates# ./serviceTagS -v
Libsmbios version:    0.13.13
(ooh, that's definitely really old)

zia:DellUpdates# ./serviceTagS
Existing Service Tag: XXXXXXX

zia:DellUpdates# ./serviceTagS --help
Usage: ./serviceTagS [options]

  --help,        -h          Displays this information
  --memory_file, -m <args>   Debug: Memory dump file to use instead of physical memory
  --cmos_file,   -c <args>   Debug: CMOS dump file to use instead of physical cmos
  --set,         -s <args>   Set Dell Asset Tag
  --password,    -p <args>   BIOS setup password
  --rawpassword              Do not auto-convert password to scancodes
  --version,     -v          Display libsmbios version information

So, ./serviceTagS --set XXXXXXX

would set it.

i don't recall whether this only works if the current service tag is
EMPTY, so be sure you type the correct svctag number as you may not
get a second chance (other system serial# burning tools i've gotten
my hands on in the past did only allow burning if the serial# field
was empty)


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