iDRAC6: undocumented settings for console com2

J. Epperson Dell at
Tue Sep 6 17:40:12 CDT 2011

On Tue, September 6, 2011 17:12, Arthur Prokosch wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 06:04:27AM -0700, karasline at wrote:
>> Did you by any chance see my post on the iDRAC6 and VNC
>> (
>> ml)?  I wasn't sure if your iDRAC6 issue was related to mine, but
>> regardless, I still can't get the iDRAC6 console to work correctly
>> within a VNC window.  Any thoughts? 
> I did.  Our desire to use a serial console stems in part from how
> cumbersome it can be to access DRACs located on a secure network -- which
> I expect has something to do with why you're having to use VNC. So I
> guess in that sense our posts are related.
> So, topology: A=Sysadmin's desktop  <--->  B=gateway  <--->  C=DRAC
> You're using VNC for the link between "A" and "B", then running the
> browser/java on "B".  So https and proprietary-applet-VNC are connecting
> "B" and "C".  I don't know what OS your intermediate host is running.  If
> *nix, you might check X11 keymaps and such.  Have you tried switching the
> flavor of VNC software running on A and/or B?
> We initiate an ssh connection to the intermediate host with port
> forwarding, so that ports 443, 5900, and 5901 pass from A, through B to
> C.  That is, if both A and B are *nix/Mac OS: ssh gatewayhost -L
> 443:drac-host:443 -L 5900:drac-host:5900 -L 5901:drac-host:5901 -N and
> then on my desktop, I point my browser to https://localhost/
> Would our approach be of use to you?

FWIW, if the intermediate host is Windows, you can use putty to reach back
to host A and do the port plumbing (assuming the firewalls/security
gateways allow it).  My outfit uses Windows "jump" servers, so I do that

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