linux util to create arrays on R710 w/ embedded PERC 6/i

J. Epperson Dell at
Fri Sep 2 18:45:05 CDT 2011

On Fri, September 2, 2011 17:50, Sean Hennessey wrote:
> Ok, here was my trial. I did all the following.
> MegaCli64 pdclear -start -physdrv[32:4,32:5,32:6,32:7] -a0
> MegaCli64 cfgldadd r5[32:4,32:5,32:6] WB NORA Direct NoCachedBadBBU
> HSP[32:7] -a0
> MegaCli64 ldsetprop name sdd -l1 -a0
> MegaCli64 ldinit -start -l1 -a0
> MegaCli64 ldbi enbl -L1 -a0
> The host OS then saw /dev/sdb.
> I tried doing a fdisk /dev/sdb and creating a partition. It seemed to work
> fine, but when I exited the fdisk, it just hung. ps showed a D state
> (uninteruptable sleep). stracing showed it doing nothing. kill -9 didn't
> kill the process. fdisk -l /dev/sdb in another term showed that the
> changes where there. I rebooted the machine to see if it would fix it, but
> then even just doing a fdisk /dev/sdb and immediately exiting showed the
> same thing. fdisk hung.
> We where able to put a file system on the partition and write and read
> data to it, but I'm uncomfortable w/ the fdisk hanging.
> I'm next going to try rebooting the machine and using the bios tools to
> delete and re-add the array to see if that makes the issue go away. Can
> anyone think of what I did wrong so the next time I can do it hot?

I don't see anything you've done wrong, but I'd also be troubled by the
fdisk hang.  I'd suggest a partprobe before doing the fdisk, but your
reboot should have made the kernel fully aware, so that doesn't seem
pertinent.  Does parted/gparted behave the same way as fdisk?  They're
more advanced and like large partitions better.  Does sfdisk also hang? 
Note that the fdisk manpage says "fdisk is a buggy program that does fuzzy
things - usually it happens to produce reasonable results."

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