linux util to create arrays on R710 w/ embedded PERC 6/i

Blake Hudson blake at
Thu Sep 1 14:32:45 CDT 2011

Stephen Dowdy wrote the following on 9/1/2011 1:44 PM:
> Sean, 'megacli' most definitely supports the PERC6/i.  Are you sure
> you don't have an Hxxx series controller?  I haven't played with those
> and don't know what tool LSI has for them.
> (fwiw, i use the same megacli binary to support PERC5/{i,E}, and PERC6/{i,E})
I can confirm the MegaCLI tool works on the H700 series cards as well. 
I'm using the same 8.x version on Perc5/6/H700 cards without issue. 
Should theoretically work on H800 cards as well, but have not tested 

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