linux util to create arrays on R710 w/ embedded PERC 6/i

Sean Hennessey shenness at
Thu Sep 1 13:28:29 CDT 2011

I tried the MegaCLI stuff, but it doesn't see any controllers in my machine. Bummer.

I loaded srvadm-all via:
wget -q -O - | bash
yum search srvadmin-all
yum install srvadmin-all

but I can't see to find anything that let's me touch the storage stuff.

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Sean Hennessey wrote, On 09/01/2011 10:31 AM:
> I remember years ago using a util on Linux that allowed me to create arrays on a dell server w/ a PERC card.
> I'm drawing a blank on the name though. I want to add some SSD's to a R710 and create an array w/ out bringing the box down.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> Thanks in advance
> Sean
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LSI MegaRAID 'megacli'. (i'm sure you can do it with OMSA storage as

Go to and search for downloads for the LSI MegaSAS 8708
and grab version 8.02.xx of the megacli utility for linux.

Here's a snippet from a CDROM based installer i use:


# Handling to do NOLOG/Write-elsewhere (we'll be on ReadOnly media)
megacli() {
    if [ -w /tmp ]; then
        ./MegaCli "$@" -applogfile /tmp/megacli.log
        ./MegaCli "$@" -nolog

megacli -CfgClr -a0

#MegaCli -CfgLdAdd -rX[E0:S0,E1:S1,...] [WT|WB] [NORA|RA|ADRA] [Direct|Cached]
#        [CachedBadBBU|NoCachedBadBBU] [-szXXX [-szYYY ...]]
#        [-strpszM] [-Hsp[E0:S0,...]] [-AfterLdX] [-Force] -aN

# Create a RAID5 disk group using all 8 drives in the R710 as two
# logical disks, first for OS 80GB, then use rest for data
# Use WriteBack(WB), DirectIO, ss=512
megacli -CfgLdAdd -r5[32:0,32:1,32:2,32:3,32:4,32:5,32:6,32:7] \
    WB NORA Direct NoCachedBadBBU -strpsz512 -sz80000 -a0

megacli -CfgLdAdd -r5[32:0,32:1,32:2,32:3,32:4,32:5,32:6,32:7] \
    WB NORA Direct NoCachedBadBBU -strpsz512 -afterld0 -a0

# XXX Name them
megacli -LDSetProp -Name OpSys -l0 -a0
megacli -LDSetProp -Name Data -l1 -a0

# Force bg init (can take a few minutes before it goes...)
megacli -LDInit -Start -Lall -a0
megacli -LDBI -Enbl -Lall -a0


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