PERC battery learn cycle

Brian Collins brianc at
Wed Oct 26 17:26:15 CDT 2011

I have a question about the learn cycle on PERC batteries.  If the
battery goes into learn mode and for some reason the battery fails to
recharge, will anything change in the output of 'omreport storage
battery controller=0'?  For example, right now I have one ready to start
learning, and the output looks like this:
# omreport storage battery
List of Batteries in the System

Controller PERC H700 Integrated (Slot Embedded)
ID                        : 0
Status                    : Non-Critical
Name                      : Battery 0
State                     : Degraded
Recharge Count            : Not Applicable
Max Recharge Count        : Not Applicable
Predicted Capacity Status : Ready
Learn State               : Due
Next Learn Time           : 0 hours
Maximum Learn Delay       : 7 days 0 hours
Learn Mode                : Auto

If it fails to recharge (i.e. the battery is apparently unable to
maintain charge), after ${so_much_time}, will that output change any?
I'd like to configure my alerts to ignore Non-Critical and Degraded when
the battery is learning, but I'm afraid I'll miss the rare case of a
battery failing.  

Brian Collins, RHCE
Sr. Systems Engineer
Southeastern Data Cooperative

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