possible bug in srvadmin-base package

John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Fri Oct 21 15:42:20 CDT 2011

I installed the srvadmin-base package on a Dell PowerEdge SC1435 running 
debian squeeze (stable). When I started the dtaeng, it gave me an error 
message saying "Failed to start because system is not supported". I traced 
it back to the script/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/CheckSystemType. That script 
opens a text file, 
=/opt/dell/srvadmin/share/srvadmin-omilcore/ClientSystemList.txt. The last 
line in that file is 'SC'. The CheckSystemType script greps your system ID 
for each line of that file. If there is a match, it returns an error status 
code and the dataeng daemons will not start.

Since the string 'SC' appears in the product name of a PowerEdge SC1435 , 
the CheckSystemType returns an error code and therefore, you can't start the 
dataeng daemons on a PowerEdge SC1435.

I deleted the line in the text file that said 'SC', and all the daemons 
started up fine. I can query chassis temps so I am thinking it works. But I 
don't think Dell intended to disable srvadmin for the PowerEdge SC1435, did 

Output from /usr/sbin/smbios-sys-info-lite:
Libsmbios:    2.2.13
System ID:    0x01EB
Service Tag:  BQWWTC1
Express Service Code: 25572004993
Error getting the Aset Tag:  unknown error
Product Name: PowerEdge SC1435
BIOS Version: 1.1.2
Vendor:       Dell Inc.
Is Dell:      1

Output from dpkg -p srvadmin-base
Package: srvadmin-base
Priority: optional
Section: partner/utils
Installed-Size: 32
Maintainer: Prudhvi Tella <prudhvi_tella at dell.com>
Architecture: amd64
Source: srvadmin-meta
Version: 6.5.0-1
Depends: srvadmin-deng (>= 6.5.0-1), srvadmin-hapi (>= 6.5.0-1), 
srvadmin-isvc (
>= 6.5.0-1), srvadmin-omcommon (>= 6.5.0-1), srvadmin-omacore (>= 6.5.0-1), 
dmin-smcommon (>= 6.5.0-1)
Size: 1464
Description: Meta package for installing the Server Agent
 Meta package that contains dependency information to automatically pull
 in the Server Agent features.
Homepage: http://support.dell.com
root at boole:/etc/init.d#

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