Dell Update Packages (DUP) and LiveCD/DVD

George Hills george at
Tue Oct 18 14:51:00 CDT 2011

On 18/10/11 19:39, Cal Webster wrote:

> I feel compelled to point out, however, that many of these individual
> updates (DUP) do not work on all compatible Enterprise Linux platforms.
> After wrestling with the LiveDVD's and individual *.BIN updates, I've
> come to realize that they were probably built on and designed to run on
> CentOS 5. 

Some of them check the /etc/redhat-release also, and expect it to be a
Red Hat one rather than CentOS or another rebuild.

"Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Tikanga)" is good.

> The installation notes on the download pages are insufficient
> to successfully install the updates. It would be helpful if release
> notes or install instructions would point out prerequisites (i.e. CentOS
> 5, procmail, compat-libstdc++-33) prior to the customer install attempt.

My starting point (on a 64-bit box) is "yum install procmail glibc.i686
compat-libstdc++-33.i686 libstdc++.i686 libxml2.i686 zlib.i686
libxml2.i686 libXp.i686 libXtst.i686 ncurses-libs pam.i686"


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