One question, One bug report for vmcli in OMSA [RE: submitting bug reports for dell packages]

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Thu Oct 13 20:56:47 CDT 2011

What about if it's a bug in OpenManage Server Administrator?

I'm encountering a problem with vmcli in OMSA for Linux. Basically I have a USB Key image that does not work when I mount it using vmcli in CentOS 5.5. The image is used to install an in-house custom Red Hat version to a Poweredge R710 and the installation becomes corrupted when its mounted using vmcli on Linux. It will mount successfully, but when I perform the install off this key, there is a corruption.

It works perfectly when I use the GUI virtual media tool in the DRAC 6. It also works perfectly when its mounted using racvmcli5 against a Poweredge 2950. I have tried other USB Key images (previous versions of this image) using vmcli against the Poweredge R710 and they work as well.

Something about the combination of this image and vmcli causes a corruption. It is really weird and specific, and probably something I need to talk with a human about.

Also I have a general question about all these vmcli tools that are in the OMSA. I got an error attempting to use iVMCLI against the Poweredge R710 to see if that would prevent the corruption. I got this error:

# iVMCLI -r <address> -u <user> -p <password> -f <image.img>
Virtual Media Command Line Interface Version 2.9
Copyright (c) Dell Inc., 2010
All Rights Reserved

Error (7):Could not connect to Server or  Insufficient privilege to create temporary files in the current folder.You might not have administrator privileges or the current folder is Read-only.

So my question(s) if at all pertinent are, why am I getting this error message? The username and password are correct and I'm running this as root in a folder where root is the owner.

I'm thinking it is because iVMCLI is not for iDRAC 6's, but I'm not sure if there even is such a thing as an iDRAC 7. I know racvmcli5 is for DRAC 5 and vmcli appears to work for iDRAC 6. So where does iVMCLI fit into that?

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Hi Lloyd,
I am the Manager for the DTK team, please fwd me the issue you are facing and we will look into it.
We can open the defect on your behalf and work towards closure of that.


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This might be a really strange question, but I'm not sure where else to ask it.  Is there a procedure for submitting the equivalent of a bug report for a piece of Dell-provided software?  In particular, I'm looking at syscfg from the Dell Deployment Toolkit, and it's not acting the way I expected in one corner case.  If it were an open-source project, I could just find the corresponding buzilla site, or whatever, and be done.

I could call support, I suppose, but having to explain all the details about something like this to some poor, unsuspecting first-level tech is going to be really frustrating for both of us.  If that's the best thing to do, I'll go ahead and do it, but if someone has a different recommendation on how to go about it, that'd be great.

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