bios update for r910

Bruce LaBuda blabuda at
Thu Oct 13 08:56:07 CDT 2011

I am upgrading the bios on a r910 from 1.2 to the latest (2.4.5).

The host operating system is RHEL 5.

This statement in the bios readme concerns me...

"On PowerEdge R910 systems, upgrading BIOS from a version earlier than
2.1.0 to version 2.1.0 or later, results in re-enumeration of add-in 
PCIe cards in slots 1-4 and 6. If your image was built using a BIOS 
version earlier than 2.1.0, then the PCIe re-enumeration could 
require modifying your image to account for the changes. For example, 
if you have custom settings on cards in the affected slots, you may 
have to re-apply these settings after the BIOS update."

I have a QLogic HBA in slot 1.  Has anyone done this update?  Will I have to recompile the kernel image?


Bruce LaBuda
University of Wisconsin
Division of Information Technology
Systems Engineering and Operations

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