htaccess and OMSA hardware local repo

Mike Hanby mhanby at
Mon Oct 3 17:33:38 CDT 2011

I create a local mirror of the Dell repo and the .htaccess sym links aren't getting synced.

I've seen reference to "link htaccess_repo_topdir and htaccess_tools to the correct folders as .htaccess".

Here's the command I use (trying to keep some of the size down to hardware and OS's that we use):
    rsync -avHz --delete-after --delete-excluded \
      --include pe2950/ --include pem600/ --include pem610/ --include per610/ --include per710/ \
      --exclude "/hardware/OMSA_5.*/" --exclude "/hardware/OMSA_6.0*/" --exclude "/hardware/OMSA_6.1*/" \
      --exclude "/hardware/OMSA_6.2*/" --exclude "/hardware/OMSA_6.3*/" --exclude "/hardware/OMSA_6.4*/"  \
      --exclude "/hardware/beta/" --exclude "suse1*/" --exclude "rh40*/" \
      --exclude "pe[[:digit:]]*/" --exclude "pe[rmt][[:digit:]]*/" \
      --exclude "deb/" --exclude "f1[[:digit:]]*/" --exclude "suse-factory-*/" \
      --exclude "suse1[[:digit:]]*/" --exclude "el4-*/"  \
      --exclude "Fedora*/" --exclude "el4-*/"  \
      --exclude "SLE_1*/" --exclude "openSUSE*/" --exclude "RedHat_RHEL-4/" \ ${outputdir}/

Here are the files in my current sync:

$ find . -name htaccess_*

Are these the correct locations for the symlinks:

 community/.htaccess -> communtiy/_tools/htaccess_repo_topdir
 community/_tools/.htaccess -> communtiy/_tools/htaccess_tools

 hardware/OMSA_6.5.1/.htaccess -> hardware/OMSA_6.5.1/_tools/htaccess_repo_topdir
 hardware/OMSA_6.5.1/_tools/.htaccess -> hardware/OMSA_6.5.1/_tools/htaccess_tools



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