Problems updating a PowerEdge R910

Brian Collins brianc at
Mon Oct 3 09:07:28 CDT 2011

Working on a PER910 with RHEL 5.7 installed, registered to our Satellite
server installation.  Wanted to update the firmware, so I did pretty
much the same thing we've done to get our 710 machines updated.

1. sync'd the 910 repo ((OMSA 6.5.1)) from dell to my Satellite server 
2. Added the 910 to the new software channel
3. installed srvadmin-all, dell_ft_install, and $(bootstrap_firmware)
4. ran 'update_firmware --yes'

(irrelevant bits snipped)
Checking SAS BP Expander Firmware - 1.00
        Available: dell_dup_componentid_21952 - 1.01
        Found Update: dell_dup_componentid_21952 - 1.01
Running updates...
Installing dell_dup_componentid_21952 - 1.01
Installation failed for package: dell_dup_componentid_21952 - 1.01
aborting update...
The error message from the low-level command was:
The operation failed since the image file was not found.

In troubleshooting this, I found that there are 2 packages which
supposedly deal with this component:
Server_SAS_Expander_componentid_21952-a01-1.noarch and

The first one is what gets installed by 'yum install
$(bootstrap_firmware)'.  The second shows up if I do that same command
again, but fails to install because of conflicting files.   I
uninstalled Server_SAS_Expander and did a yum install on
21355_Backplane_Expander, but the result was the same.

Where should I look next to troubleshoot this?


Brian Collins, RHCE
Sr. Systems Engineer
Southeastern Data Cooperative
brianc at

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