Linux 3.0 readiness

Robert Kennedy robertk at
Mon Nov 7 21:19:38 CST 2011

> I know I'm entering totally unsupported land here, but as a topic of
> interest, I thought I would bring up OMSA's Linux 3.0 readiness on the
> list. It looks like everything works relatively well with the new
> kernel with the exception of the storage services piece - it basically
> can't see any storage adapters at all (though the devices are
> functioning fine).

This is can now be worked around with Linux kernel 3.1 and a wrapper C
program that engages the Linux 2.6 kernel personality.

Compile it up and change the line in /etc/init.d/dataeng from:

dataeng_supt_daemonstart "${DENG_DAEMON_FILE}" "${DENG_DAEMON_OPTS}"


dataeng_supt_daemonstart /usr/bin/uname26 "${DENG_DAEMON_FILE}"

All the OMSA reporting and configuration commands appear to work under
the 3.1 Linux kernel version.

Robert K.

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