upgrade BIOS and firmware on PE 850

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Mon May 2 16:15:05 CDT 2011

On 02/05/11 19:36, Alexandre Vovan wrote:

> 2. installed Debian and OMSA - but I can't see how I could use this (CLI or web) to performa a BIOS or firmware update...
> 3. tried to install Windows 2008 32-bit to run the windows BIOS update utility - Windows doesn't recognize the CERC driver taken from the Dell website.
> 4. installed Windows XP to run the windows BIOS update utility - pops up an error when I try to run it.
> Any ideas? 

Did you try:


to update the BIOS?  It has always worked for me - no farting about with
iso images, or broken rpms required...

Not sure about the CERC, but I tend to end up manually pulling apart
Dell's bizarre RHEL rpms to install under Debian for RAID cards.

If that doesn't work, I use the DOS one (and netboot, or USB,
syslinux+CD boot the DOS image).  If all else fails, perhaps you could
try flashrom (have used it successfully on many non-Dell system)

I think I would be inclined to ditch the CERC, and replace it with
something a bit better supported under Linux, like a $20 Silicon Image
3132, or $40 Silicon Image 3124 (PCIe or PCI-X respectively).  Oh, you
can even flash those with flashrom under Debian.


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