Dell OMSA PE R300 Network Issue, Ubuntu 10.04

Stevie iglablues at
Tue Mar 22 08:24:41 CDT 2011


I installed OMSA on my PowerEdge R300 following the instructions at I installed version 6.4, and 
after doing so it seems to break my networking in some way. I initially 
installed srvadmin-base, srvadmin-webserver, and srvadmin-storageservices. I 
started dataeng and started checking out the omconfig options. Shortly 
thereafter I lost connection to my server (I was using SSH) and could not ping 
the network interface. I logged in to the console and verified that I could not 
ping outside from the server either, I restarted networking services and it 
restored the connection, but again only for a bit and then it stopped working 
again. I uninstalled all of the OMSA components and network connectivity 
returned for good. I experimented with this twice. As I said the first time I 
installed the above three components; the second time I only installed 
srvadmin-base. Same symptoms happened then as well. I noticed during my second 
installation that it seemed to have installed something called "Network 
management services" and I'm wondering if this could be interfering with my 
network configuration. I couldn't find any documentation of this as an 
individual component to opt out of during the installation, so I'd like to at 
least be able to stop this service if possible. Is any one familiar with this 

PowerEdge R300
Ubuntu Server Edition 10.04 x64
OMSA 6.4 installed
NICs are bonded (only one actually connected to a switch though) and statically 
assigned an IP

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