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Chris Adams cmadams at
Fri Feb 25 09:47:37 CST 2011

Once upon a time, Mark Rolen <mrolen at> said:
> Sounds like what we had with some of our R710s on RHEL5.  I know this is
> an oldish bug notice (May of 2010), but these went away for us
> completely with the kernel upgrade associated with this announcement:
> "* in certain circumstances, under heavy load, certain network interface
> cards using the bnx2 driver and configured to use MSI-X, could stop
> processing interrupts and then network connectivity would cease.
> (BZ#587799)"

That may explain why I haven't had any problem: my PE2970 is newer than
that kernel, and the on-board NICs get MSI, not MSI-X (they're each
behind a PCIe->PCI-X bridge; older chips I guess).
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