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Fri Feb 25 08:25:49 CST 2011

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 2:41 AM, scartomail <scartomail at> wrote:

> Thanks for the advise.
> I already bought a r410 with the specs you advised.
> Good to know I done right :-)
> And yes I also now will use Ubuntu to make sure every thing runs smoothy.

We have CentOS 5.5 on some new R310 machines...

>> However I have seen very good R310 servers (if one socket
>> is enough for you)
>> websites should be running without problem at the 1 CPU
>> system. Nevertheless
>> it depends on the webserver you use (lighthttpd/apache/...)
>> and the security
>> measures and the user separation model you are employing -
>> so my
>> recommendation would be dual CPU server with approx. 8GB
>> RAM.
>> > I'm looking for something that is able to host 100
>> websites some of whitch
>> > ar virtuemart webshops. I noticed that on my current
>> server the webshops
>> > of MAGENTO are way to slow, and that is just me
>> testing it with one user.
>> > What server would be nice to host 100 websites(not
>> much visitors) and a
>> > couple of MAGENTO sites?

...and our R310's are hosting magento database servers.  We're having
problems on busier servers (both master and slave) where the ethernet
device (or the kernel module, not sure which) just decides to turn
itself off:

Feb 24 14:04:18 ivmdb53b kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out
Feb 24 14:04:18 ivmdb53b kernel: bnx2: eth0 NIC Copper Link is Down

That's all that's in the logs.  No kernel OOPS.  I can still type at
the console "root" to login, but the login does not succeed, it just
sits there for a few seconds then returns me to the login screen.
It's as if it can't write to the disk either (but I *KNOW* it can
because after this event, syslog logs that it's unable to reach the
LDAP server, so this is probably just my pam configuration that needs
to be tweaked to handle non-reachable LDAP servers).

I've googled and found a couple similar complaints about the bnx2
hardware/module, both on Ubuntu and CentOS.  Does anybody know of any
params that may make the hardware or module handle this better than
turning itself off completely?

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