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Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Feb 21 17:17:22 CST 2011

On 21/2/2011, at 11:28am, Jens Dueholm Christensen wrote:

> Newer DRAC cards use VNC for console access and access are provided via Java Web Start (.jnlp files) that runs well under both windows and *nix and connect to the DRAC cards virtual KVM.

Holy smoke!

When did they start doing this?

Are you sure? I thought I tried accessing a DRAC 6 Enterprise (supplied with a T710) via VNC, and that it didn't work. There is certainly a browser plug-in for that system. Unfortunately I no longer have access to this machine to test against.

> Yes, older DRAC cards (v4's) used a windows-only ActiveX plugin, but as new servers doesn't have v4 DRAC cards that's no longer an issue.

Not true: the DRAC4 works under Linux, too, using a Java viewer. Of course it's only supported under some specific distro versions, but I have it running just fine under current Gentoo stable x86. I wrote a little about the configuration requirements (which are really not onerous) a few weeks ago.

> Also a DRAC card has a dedicated NIC and can be used to access the hardware out-of-band (where as IPMI is sise-band). This makes it possible to turn on devices that would otherwise require physical contact (ie. it is NOT wake on lan).
> For high-availability and production-grade systems I would always go for something with DRAC. 

Totally agree.


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