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On 19/02/11 20:30, scartomail wrote:
> The R210 series is very cheap, but is that because it just meant to host only one simple site? 

Well, that really depends entirely on how you spec the machine, and how
busy that site is...

The ones I admin for a couple of my clients are speced at 8G or 16G RAM
and a quad-core low-power-consumption CPU.  All run a number of virtual
machines (Debian 6.0 with libvirt/KVM, or Debian 5.0 withOpenVZ). 
Performance is excellent, I use them with Linux's md software RAID, and
no HW-RAID controller (which is a feature as far as I'm concerned - you
get excellent performance, and you don't have to worry about things like
having to only use Dell-branded drives - because you don't have the
firmware compatibility issues with their fussy HW RAID controllers -
same goes if you want to use Intel (or whoever's) SSDs etc.).

You CAN hot-swap the drives, although they aren't in hot-swap caddies
(as they're just plain Intel ICH10 SATA - just use 'hdparm -y' to
spin-down the drives first - as is best-practice when using hot-swap
caddies too).

If the max spec is sufficient for your needs, and you don't need the
hot-swap caddies, then I don't see any reason not to use an R210.

Of course, the person in Dell sales will tell you that it's a terribly
low-spec machine, and you should really be buying something with a
bigger price tag and profit margin (they certainly did to me), but they
just automatically trot that marketing BS out - if you've done your sums
right, then you should know whether it'll be fast enough for your needs
or not.


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