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scartomail scartomail at
Fri Feb 18 10:18:19 CST 2011

Hi list,

I'm in the luxury position of bying a new server.
It will be used as a follow up server for the current dell server I have and will be used to host websites/webshops and email server.

With my current dell server I had some troubles setting up the server because the Debian setup I used did not recognize the hardware.
I had to install it with a different kernel and some other tweaks.

Does anybody recently installed Debian Squeeze on a new poweredge and did not had any trouble?
Just insert the basic CD and install from there without any tweaks.
If so what model was that?

And how about OMSA?
I found some links with google that reported a succesfull installation with just minor adjustments.
Anyone any experiance with that on certain moddels?


Rgds Edo


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