Status of R300, dataeng, tg3 network card locking up?

Keith Edmunds kae at
Thu Feb 3 05:12:14 CST 2011

Currently, with OpenManage 6.4 installed on a Debian system (Lenny or
Squeeze), starting dataeng locks up the network card.

We very much want to run OpenManage on the R300 servers we have, but we
can't because of this issue.

Presumably this doesn't happen on RH systems (can anyone confirm that?).
If this problem doesn't happen on RH systems, is anyone aware of the
specific RH/Debian difference that is causing the problem? If it is a
kernel or tg3 driver problem, it may be possible change the Debian
configuration to work.

Is anyone able to update us regarding this problem? Ideally we'd like a
fix or workaround, but if that isn't possible then a statement saying that
it will (or even won't) be fixed would be helpful; a timescale would be
even more helpful.


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