What's the trick for Dell firmware updates on RHEL-like OSes?

John Hill hill at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 2 10:56:12 CST 2011

I've certainly succeeded in applying updates which initially failed on my
Scientific Linux systems simply by adding the appropriate string to
/etc/redhat-release. I wouldn't guarantee that it works in all cases though.


On 02/02/2011 16:20, Bond Masuda wrote:
> I was trying to update the firmwares on a PE2900 and downloaded all the
> necessary *.BIN scripts from Dell's website. Some of the updates worked
> fine, but some of the newer updates wouldn't apply with the message:
> "This Update Package is not compatible with your system"
> The log showed "ERROR: criteria failure" or something like that.
> After calling Dell, they asked me if I was running a RHEL-like OS like
> CentOS or Scientific Linux. The guy told me that Dell's update scripts
> check /etc/redhat-release and if it doesn't find RHEL, it fails.
> So, I'm just curious, can one work around this firmware update issue
> simply by temporarily changing /etc/redhat-release to  contain the same
> content as what is normally there on a true RHEL system? Or, is there
> more to it?
> I'm wondering if there was more to it because the Dell person suggested
> I download a bootable CD with the firmware updates instead of just
> changing /etc/redhat-release.
> Anyone know?
> -Bond
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