how to update firmware for R710 hardware

Łukasz Jagiełło jagiello.lukasz at
Thu Sep 30 05:25:04 CDT 2010

2010/9/23  <Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at>:
> If you really want to dig in:
> Copy the contents of:
> /usr/libexec/dell_dup/dell_ie_bios
> /usr/share/firmware/dell/dup/system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x0xxx/dell_dup_componentid_00159_version_xxx
> To the same temp directory, and run:
> ./biosie.bin -u output.xml
> To see what is going on, I think biosie.bin has a debug option as well (-d or -debug?).

 # ./biosie.bin -h
BIOSIE Version:	Date: Jun 30 2010

	 -h 			- Help. Displays the list of options.
	 -i <XML-filename> * 	- gets the BIOS inventory.
	 -u <XML-filename> * 	- updates the BIOS Image.

	    * optional argument.

Don't have '-d' or any other 'debug' mode.

Łukasz Jagiełło

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