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Steve Tempest Steve.Tempest at
Thu Sep 30 00:25:35 CDT 2010


I've setup the alerts on my server to execute an application when an
error occurs but it's not working.

Basically I've done the following:

Configured the Alert....

omconfig system alertaction event=powersupply execappath="
omconfig system alertaction event=powersupplywarn execappath="
omconfig system alertaction event=tempwarn execappath="
omconfig system alertaction event=tempfail execappath="
omconfig system alertaction event=fanwarn execappath="

I added the space in front of the script name as I found that the system
would not accept it without and read on a forum thread that it's

I can run the script from console as root and it sends the alert as I
expect it to. As this is not working I'm wondering if some environment
path is missing. Does anyone know how the alert is executed and which
account executes it?

If i go into the OM webpage after running above config I can see a tick
next to all of the items in the "Execute Application" column.

Here is the contents of the script that is executed

$desc=`omreport system alertlog 2>/dev/null | grep "Description" | head
-1 | cut -f2-9 -d: | sed 's/ //'`;
$date=`omreport system alertlog 2>/dev/null | grep "Date and Time" |
head -1 | cut -f2-9 -d: | sed 's/ //g' | sed 's/://g'`;
$host=`omreport system summary 2>/dev/null | grep "Host Name" | head -1
| cut -f2-9 -d: | sed 's/ //'`;
$tag=`omreport system summary 2>/dev/null | grep "Chassis Service Tag" |
head -1 | cut -f2-9 -d: | sed 's/ //'`;
`omreport system alertlog > "$attach"`;
$send=`/opt/asx_scripts/sendEmail -f "$host\" -t
"support\" -u "System Error: $host SvcTag: $tag Time: $date"
-m "$host SvcTag: $tag Error: $desc Time: $date" -a "$attach" -s

Any suggestions on how to debug this would be appreciated.

I'm running the latest version of OMSA on Centos 5.5 x64 (fully


Steve Tempest



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