remote configuration once for pxe

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Wed Sep 29 07:47:51 CDT 2010

  On 2010-09-22 15:04, martin.flemming at wrote:
> Hi !
> Is it possible to configure on poweredge M610
> with racadm or SM CLP shell only the next  boot from pxe and
> for the next boot from hardiskk again ?
> .. the background is to configure a bunch of machines to
>    boot via pxe for new installation annd after that boot from
harddisk again ...
> We don't want the GUI .. and omsa isn't installed ...

Hi Martin,

You can use the Chassis Managment Controller to boot once from PXE or 
any other device.

You can access the CMC via SSH, or use racadm <command + options> to run

CMC commands remotely.

Example: deploy -m <server-X> -b pxe -o yes
serveraction -m <server-X> powercycle|powerup

NOTE: If you use racadm you also have to specify the IP and 
user/password for CMC access. The above example would be a SSH session 
with the CMC.

The above example will set Server-X, where X is the slot number, to boot

from pxe once. Then the serveraction command can be used to powerup or 
powercycle the system

The CMC Documentation is available here:

These are the options for the deploy command:

-b <device> Specifies the first boot device; must be used with
Use with -m <module> to specify for a individual
server, or with -a for all servers
Legal values: device=None, PXE, HDD, CD-
-o <no|yes> Indicates if the server should boot from the
device once; must be used with -o.
Use with -m <module> to specify for a individual
server, or with -a for all servers
Creates and enables an iDRAC root user if it does
not already exist, and is executed on all the
existing servers in the chassis
Indicates that the <password> will be supplied
-u root
for the root user on the server. root is a constant
parameter, the only value that is valid with the -u
-m <module> Specifies the server you want to configure.
Legal values: server-n, where n=1-16
-p <password> Specifies the password for the root user on the


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