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Mon Sep 27 22:47:34 CDT 2010


What I'm looking at is a PE2950 with the boot drive(s) in a RAID 1 configuration on a PERC6.

Right now, the machine has an old copy of Debian etch running VMServer 1.x, so for obvious reasons, we need to upgrade it.

However, my concern is that if the new VM platform isn't quite what we need (it's a toss up between ESXi 4.1 and ProxMox), I don't want to nuke our current install, which has proven to be solid.

The only idea I can come up with, aside from finding a pair of SAS drives to 'borrow' for this experiment, is to:

1-      Remove both drives from the RAID 1
2-      Take the secondardy drive and put it in the primary slot, but leave the primary drive out of the array
3-      Do the install, and if it turns out that the new setup isn't what we needed, swap the drives back, reimport the config from the primary drive, and let it rebuild the array.
4-      Try this procedure again later during the next maintence window with a different virtuilzation solution.

On paper, this seems like it would work, but I throw myself on the mercey of those who have more experience with these cards or advice or suggestions on a safer way to do this (or something similar).


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