Some recent blog posts: OpenManage build process, Kiwi, OSI Tech Days

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at
Mon Sep 27 10:50:31 CDT 2010

Just wanted to let folks know about a couple recent blog posts:

I wrote a blog post about how we build OpenManage starting in version 6.2. If folks are greatly interested, I may be persuaded to write some more in-depth blogs on this, with more technical detail. What kinds of things would people like to hear about?

Next, a co-worker of mine wrote a nice blog about using the OpenSUSE KIWI build tool to create live ISO or VMDK images. We are trying to make this a series where we post some of the kiwi recipes that our team has been using, but we need to know if people are interested.

And, finally, a short blog about Dell at the India OSI Tech Days 2010 conference (formerly LinuxAsia):

Michael Brown
Linux OS Engineering

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