how to update firmware for R710 hardware

Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at
Thu Sep 23 09:49:47 CDT 2010

> When that points to,
> it is crazy slow.  Updates can take all night.  Instead, I built a
> local ftp server for this.
> The
> problem then turned out to be that I wasn't fetching the xml catalog
> file.

The ftp site is not built to easily create a local mirror for USC. You'll need to use the Repository Manager tool to create a local repository that USC can use.
> >> but when i run update_firmware --yes i got the following messages
> >>
> >> Running updates...
> >> /	Installing dell_dup_componentid_00159 - 2.1.9Installation failed
> >> for
> >> package: dell_dup_componentid_00159 - 2.1.9
> >> aborting update...
> >>
> >> The error message from the low-level command was:
> >>
> >> Could not parse output, bad xml for package:
> >> dell_dup_componentid_00159
The underlying bios update utility should only output xml that is then parsed. This error indicates an xml parser error. Which could be due to blank output, or output with extra messages that break xml. Run with -v which will print the update utility output to the console.

If you really want to dig in:
Copy the contents of:
To the same temp directory, and run:
./biosie.bin -u output.xml
To see what is going on, I think biosie.bin has a debug option as well (-d or -debug?).


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