Possible disk corruption - help and advice appreciated

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Tue Sep 21 09:58:40 CDT 2010

On 21/09/10 15:19, Faris Raouf wrote:
> If no problem is found we'll then we'll move on to the disk pulling
> procedure :-) Shame the R200 doesn't have hot swap drives!

I've seen random data corruption on SATA drives attached to SAS5, and 
SAS6 controllers in R300, and PE860 boxes - we spotted it because we 
prefer to use software RAID on top of the SAS5/6s, rather than use their 
own RAID functionality.  The R200s we run use the onboard Intel SATA 
controller and have no problems.  We're trying to phase out SAS5/SAS6 as 
a result of this corruption (that and the ATA passthrough bug which LSI 
still haven't fixed).

I believe that recent mdadm will understand the metadata format that 
SAS5/SAS6 controllers use, and you should be able to then use the linux 
software RAID to get a count of inconsistencies between the two halves 
of the mirror.

If mdadm doesn't grok the metadata, then dmraid definitely does (but I 
don't know if/how device mapper's RAID code does consistency checks - 
haven't used it)....


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