PERC 4/im , jbod , detect hotswap HDDs linux

cgm 999cgm at
Fri Sep 17 08:08:12 CDT 2010


I am having some servers with PERC 4/im and I set it to see each disk in
JBOD mode (aka unconfigured mode)
raidcfg -ctrl -c=0 -ac=rst

The problem is is not re-detecting hdds while OS (linux ) is running . Tried
rescan-scsi-bus but it did not help
If I reload the module (mptspi) then it redetecs the disks, but for obvious
reasons that is not desired

I plan to run linux swraid aka /dev/MD0  (in raid1) and when one disk is
failed to replace it w/o rebooting the server

Any hints ?
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