"import foreign configuratin" option on a SAS 6/i or CERC controller?

Spike_White at Dell.com Spike_White at Dell.com
Tue Sep 14 12:59:17 CDT 2010


In PERC 4/5/6i's, it stores the config on both the controller and the disks.  So this is convenient in two common operational tasks:

1.       if you blow a PERC controller (field-replace w/ new PERC controller), or

2.       you fork-lift upgrade your server (slap the disks into a new server, so the new server assumes the personality of the old server - except MAC addr, WWN's of course).

In both cases the PERC controller detects that the config on the disks don't match the config on the PERC card.   So it says "config config detected".  It prompts if you wish to "import foreign config".  So you import the foreign config (from the disks) and you're off to the races.  Life is good!

Can you "import foreign config"  on a SAS 6/I and a CERC?  I've played with the SAS 6/I controller extensively, can't find this option.  Tried everything after a blown SAS 6/I replaced by a new one.  Finally had to destroy my RAID1 vol, re-create it.  Which of course toasted my OS. Had to re-image my Linux server from scratch.  (ugh!!).

Playing around slightly w/ a CERC controller, not seeing this option there either.  (May well be there and I'm just missing it).  Does the CERC have an "import foreign config" option?

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