Monitoring dell hardware on BSD

David B. haazeloud at
Tue Sep 14 08:48:35 CDT 2010


Thanks for theses infos.


Le 14/09/2010 15:32, Wayne_Weilnau at a écrit :
> David,
> You are correct that Open Manage Server Administrator (OMSA) would need to be installed for the 10892 oid branch to respond to SNMP queries.  None of our tools support BSD.  IPMITool is going to be your best bet for monitoring the server hardware.  If you run IPMITool remotely, you can use the binary we ship from a linux management station.  If you want to run it on the BSD system, I would assume that somebody has gotten it running.  If you are looking for SNMP traps, then the iDrac/BMC can generate Platform Event Traps (PET) which is a very simple SNMP trap that is defined by IPMI tool.  You would need to enable the PETs, configure destination address, etc.
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