OMSA 6.3 from dell repo - no controller found

Dirk Gfroerer Dirk.Gfroerer at
Mon Sep 13 08:44:07 CDT 2010

>> Hi all,
>> - OMSA 6.3 does not see the controller
>> # omreport storage controller
>> No controllers found
> With the kind help of Dell Support we were able to sort things out;
> - OMSA 6.3 does not show controllers when the directory /etc/vmware
> exists.
> By coincidence the directory existed but VMWare-Server was not installed
> anymore - I could move it away.
> I have yet another server with VMWare installed - don't know what to do
> with it atm...
same situation here. After Dell support told us to move /etc/vmware to 
somewhere else, the controller did show up again. According to their 
statement, development is working on a fix. So probably we have to wait 
until OMSA 6.4. Cannot move VMware server off this machine atm.

By the way, the installer of OMSA - if you don't use the repository - 
does also fail in this scenario. It assumes if /usr/bin/vmware exists, 
it is running on ESXi and then fails to determine the version of ESXi 
... :o)

Kind Regards,

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