DRAC5 loading console redirection plug-in hangs..

Bob Huisman bob.huisman at filterworks.com
Mon Sep 13 07:39:38 CDT 2010

Hi Nick,

Openmanage is not required for DRAC access (I don't  even think you need an OS to use DRAC remote console). There could be an with the activex/java applet not running correctly, or not being able to connect?



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Subject: DRAC5 loading console redirection plug-in hangs..

Hi folks

I've tried 2 different versions of firefox but when I log into the DRAC 5 on a couple of 2950's running redhat 4.6 the console tab hangs at "loading console redirection plug-in" forever.

Neither of these servers have open manage installed, is this required for DRAC console access ?


Nick .

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