Bootdevice is lost !?

martin.flemming at martin.flemming at
Mon Sep 13 05:03:14 CDT 2010

Hi !

I've got an R710 with an "Inetgrated RAID PERC 6/i"  Controller,
Configuration is one RAID6 with two virtual disks (System and Data) ...

After an kernelupgrade and the following reboot,
the machine didn't find his bootdevice anymore ?!

I've started an rescue system and all partitions are already there,
and if i make an grub-install etc ... everything seems to be ok,
but after reboot with or without powercycle, the machines find no 
bootdevice, nothing , also grub doesn't tell something :-(

.. It seems that the machine wants to boot from the data-disk (virtual 1) and not from 
the system-disk (virtual 0) ... how could that be changed ?

.. also the first partition of the system-disk ist a dell-partition ...

Any hints ?

thanks & cheers,


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