Ubuntu 10.04 / OMSA / SNMP memory issue

Karsten Suehring ksuehring at web.de
Fri Sep 10 10:29:21 CDT 2010


I'm using OMSA on different PowerEdge machines with Ubuntu Linux (64-bit) as my OS. I'm also
using Nagios with the check_openmanage module to monitor these machines.

My setup seems to work fine with Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) and the Debian/Ubuntu packages provided
by Sara (https://subtrac.sara.nl/oss/omsa_2_deb).

Then I tried upgrading the Ubuntu release on one machine to 10.04 (lucid) and noticed that the
dsm_sa_snmpd process memory usage grew about 30 MByte on each SNMP call from the
check_openmanage script.

I filed the bug into the Sara bug tracker and there seem to be other people with the same
problem, but no solution so far. <https://subtrac.sara.nl/oss/omsa_2_deb/ticket/65>

I now uninstalled the Sara packages and installed the official packages from Dell and I'm still
seeing the same problem.

I can trigger the memory growth by calling check_openmanage by hand, but not with snmpwalk
(snmpwalk -OS -v 1 -c public $HOST .

I suspect that the problem is caused somewhere by the SMUX interaction between the OMSA SNMP
daemon and net-snmpd which has been updated in Ubuntu 10.04.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem?

Best regards,

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