Orphaned hald-addon-* processes

Raf Tordil raf at purdue.edu
Fri Sep 10 08:57:06 CDT 2010

We are seeing an issue with OMSA (specifically dsm_om_shrsvcd) creating 
orphaned hald-addon-* processes on systems which eventually contribute to an 
increased load average.  This is happening on systems (e.g. PE1850, PE2950, 
R410 running RHEL 5) with 32-bit OMSA 6.2 or 6.3 installed.  Our 64-bit system 
doesn't exhibit this problem.

I can easily replicate it by running "srvadmin-services.sh restart".  If I 
strace dsm_om_shrsvcd and it's child processes when starting up, there's an
attempt to "killall -9 hald" which will kill hald and cause hald-runner to 
exit, but the hald-addon-* processes are left around.  Unfortunately, 
dsm_om_shrsvcd does it again a few seconds later which ends up basically 
leaving two sets of orphaned processes.  More if I run the srvadmin script 
multiple times.  So a system after booting will have at least one set of 
orphaned processes from the chkconfig'd haldaemon after OMSA starts up.

The strace of the 64-bit version didn't show any attempts to do anything with 
hald.  Are there any options for the 32-bit version of dsm_om_shrsvcd that 
might help or can this be addressed in an update?


Raf Tordil
Mailhub Systems Administrator
Purdue University - ITaP - IT Systems and Operations
E-mail:raf at purdue.edu

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