how to know which fan not work on R900? - Joep Gottlieb joepgottlieb at
Fri Sep 10 03:36:21 CDT 2010

 open the server, check the case plate you remove, it usually states the
fans by number. (as it does for CPU's, RAM, disks etc.)  (shouldn't
state it as front/back, else OPMN/BMC should also state it as front/back)

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Op 10-9-2010 3:12, mcclnx mcc schreef:
> we have DELL R900 have fan fail.  OPMN show "system board fan 4 fail".  I know R900 have 4 front fan and 4 back fan.
> How do I know which fan is "system board fan 4" and where is location?
> Thanks. 
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