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 Dependable on what you want,

If you want one of the new raid cards in your server, H700 or H200 (I've
even heard the S100 and S300 have problems with debian) You don't want
Debian, or you want Debian Squeeze.

When you go for a server in the R x10 serie, you will most likely face
problems with the Broadcom Ethernet Adapters (5716 if i say correctly
out of my head) Yet you can bypass this problem by installing the bnx2
drivers manually with it.

The drivers are fine, they are just not compiled by default in the
kernel. (reached 108MB's with it on a R510)

If you really want Debian, and not want to go true all this trouble, one
of the older Dell's the R x00 serie, don't have these problems.

Best regards,

Joep Gottlieb

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Op 6-9-2010 14:57, Emmanuel Lesouef schreef:
> Hi,
> Reading this list, I sometimes see threads complaining about
> compatibility issue between recent Dell servers and Debian GNU/Linux.
> What is the most stable and compatible model in order to install Debian
> Stable (Lenny) ?
> Thanks for your advices.
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