PE2850 RAID1 upgrade drives

Eric Rostetter rostetter at
Sat Sep 4 21:17:46 CDT 2010

Quoting Raymond Kolbe <ray at>:

> has 3x146GB 10K drives, two of which are RAID1 and the third being a hot
> spare.

Note the hotspare...

> 2) Break the array (degrade it).
> 3) Pull one of the drives (drive 1) and replace it with the newer 300GB
> drive.
> 4) Let the array rebuild to the bigger drive.

Flaw:  Since you have a hot spare, when you pull the first drive it will
start a rebuild on the hot spare, not the new drive.  You'd have to
pull/disable the hot spare for this to work, IMHO.  Then of course, when you
are done, don't forget to re-enable the hot spare!  Of course, the new
hot spare will have to be a 300 GB (or larger) also!

> 7) Use gParted or another partition resizing program to increase my
> partitions.

Then grow the filesystem also, probably...

> However, no one has confirmed that these methods worked for them.

Wether or not they work depends on exactly how you do them, and what
the server is doing, etc.  For example, you can normally resize a filesystem
online with no downtime.  BUT, don't try that on a filesystem that is
exported via NFS, or things will get nasty real fast.  So whether something
works or not is relative to what the server is doing exactly.

> So my question is, are either of the two methods above realistic, and/or


> has anyone actually upgraded RAID1 in a PE2850 or PE server before
> without having to reinstall their OS?

Yes (not in a 2850, but in other PE servers with both software and
hardware raid).

> Thanks,
> Ray

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