Help with PER610

Diego Andrés dasenjo at
Thu Sep 2 08:24:26 CDT 2010


Thanks a lot for your answer. It's indeed a H200. I don't think is the 
better decision to put an squeeze in a production environment. So I'm 
switching to Centos 5.5.

Best regards,

Diego Andrés. - Joep Gottlieb escribió:
> Hi Diego,
> What RAID Controller are you using? Does it happen to be a H200 or 
> H700? or is it the SAS PERC6 iR?
> Debian has known problems with the Hx00 serie, the drivers for these 
> raid controllers are integrated in the new Debian Squeeze, yet 
> unfortunately not in 5.0.5 yet. Never had any problems installing a 
> PERC6 with Debian.
> Hope this helps,
> Best regards,
> Joep Gottlieb
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> Op 1-9-2010 16:03, Diego Andrés schreef:
>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to install lenny on a Poweredge R610. I'm using lenny 5.0.5 
>> amd64 without any success. The installer could detect the network 
>> interfaces when I put the bnx2 firmware in a USB stick. But the 
>> installer can't detect any disk. I have configured a RAID 1 array with 
>> two 136Gb. My BIOS version is 2.1.9. Can you help me please? Apart of 
>> that I have to install Xen on the machine. Someone has had a good 
>> exprience doing that?
>> Best regards,
>> Diego Andrés.
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