dtk crashed R610

Martin Flemming martin.flemming at desy.de
Thu Sep 2 02:41:09 CDT 2010

Hi !

I want to boot the dtk-version-3.3_218 via pxe on a R610 with PERC  H700 
integrated Controller but after a short time it crashes with folowing message

"unknown interrupt or fault at EIP 00000060 c04011ed 000011ec"

and start a reboot, also with the older version 3.2_193 ..

My boot options are like

kernel pxe/dtk/isolinux/SA.1
append initrd=pxe/dtk/isolinux/SA.2 ramdisk_size=80527
root=/dev/ram0 rw Stage3_type=cdrom DEBUG=9  share_type=cdrom

Got somebody an hint, what's going wrong ?

thanks & cheers


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