It is a mistake?

CHACO diego.chacon at
Tue Nov 9 15:02:57 CST 2010

Install debian stable. I have the disk controller
[10.748370] scsi 0:2:0:0: Direct-Access MegaRAID LD 0 RAID1 286G 521S PQ: 0

Manctl If I run, I get


PERC 4e/Di a0 chan: 2 ldrv: 1 batt: good
683GiB a0d0 optimal RAID 5 1x6
136GiB a0c0t0 online a0d0
136GiB a0c0t1 online a0d0
136GiB a0c0t2 online a0d0
136GiB a0c0t3 online a0d0
136GiB a0c0t4 online a0d0
136GiB a0c0t5 online a0d0 errs: Average rating: 4 Other: 0

errs: Average rating: 4 other:  -> It is a mistake on the disk a0c0t5?

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